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Woman Bites Dog!

No, really. that's it.  It's just that it's one of those good headlines.     Laughing

Neighbours called police after hearing loud screaming and pounding coming from the family home in Lake in the Hills, Illinois.

Police said 19-year-old Analise Garner hit and scratched her mother's face and bit her on the right hand during the altercation.

The family's 80-pound English bulldog had three bite marks on its back that were visible through its white fur.

"The bulldog finally did bite her back in self-defence," said Sergeant Mike Smith.

"There were no charges against the dog," he quipped.

I note that the bulldog seems a lot more civilised than the human in that story.         Rolling Eyes

(The automatic spelling checker didn't like my spelling of "civilised" and suggested "circumcised" instead.    Odd.)

What a charming wifie, they shuid pit hur inra kennel an giera dug her room.

'Lake in the Hills' mist be the local Illinois eqwivalunt ae Wester Hailes, Mid Craigie ur Drumchapel...

aNonnyMoose wrote:
'Lake in the Hills' mist be the local Illinois eqwivalunt ae Wester Hailes, Mid Craigie ur Drumchapel...

Hmmm, I wonder if you're doing a wee bit of stereotyping of "all they bad terrible no-good places where the poor people live".

Have a go at Sighthill or Springburn in Glasgow as well, why not?   Social housing, multi-storey blocks, many unemployed, refugees, etc.  I swear I've never seen anybody biting a dog but I'll keep an eye open for it.   Not many dogs around to bite, as they are against the rules, boo hiss.

Naw, naehin tae dae wi puir fowk, Celyn - jist scumbags, wha hiv a habit ae bidin in sic-like plisses, tae the detriment ae the majority ae the guid fowk err.  Eh menshuned Mid Craigie, wannae they sortae plisses in Dundee - whaur the sicht ae ese typae fowk oot walkin whit oor auld pal CJ yaised tae creh "burglar's dugs" is that common yi dinnae even notiss thim eftir a while...

Thir wis an inishyative in Dundee whiles ago tae house fowk like yon ahent fences, tae kip thim awa fae ither fowk till they lernt hoo tae behave prapirly.  Huvnae seen a menshun ae it fir a bittae though.  Nae doot they stole the fence an selt it...

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