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Whit's this "centre ground" shite?

Jist been listening tae Ed Milliband prattlin' oan aboot how he's centre ground (sorry Celyn) like maist o' ra fowlk in Britain.

's far as Ah can tell, maist o' Scoa'lan' is far left Nationalist but also internationalist, while Ingurland is right wing and swatherin' atween xenophobia and racism.

Ah can grasp the concept (sorry celyn) o' "centre ground" but Ah dinnae think that'll appeal tae "maist fowlk in Britain."

Come tae think o' it, where is (sorry celyn) celyn?

Embdie seen hur lately?

Present, sir!

Not been at computer as much as usual, so I  am all out of date with things.  I hope to find that Senga continues to improve and I hope Fey can manage a day or two without disasters.   Smile

I'm at my dad's house, which means I often see the telly news, unlike at home,  and that's got to be bad for the health.  Milliband was indeed spitworthy, but also all the rest.  I just cannot understand the "all in this together" shit.  And "centre ground", yeah, that "centre ground" isnae me.  Oh well ,I'll just have to be eccentric then.   Smile

Actually the "centre ground" phrase puts me in mind of a BNP (spit!) election leaflet I got a few years ago that went on about "middle England".  Quite what that had to do with north-east Glasgow, I don't know.

I was snoozing on the sofa when he was on the telly and just surfaced when he said something about showing us where we stand. I had a sleep fuddled Rocky Horror moment and called out 'On our feet' which was odd because  usually he makes me think of Wallace and Gromit.

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