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Whit is ra age o' consent......

...... fur Greater Spotted or Pied Woodpeckers?

Thur been a female visitin' mah burd feeder oan an' aff fer aboot fower years. And, this winter, she's been visitin' several times a day - she likes them suet blocks fu' o' deid insects' body perts.

Yet Ah never see a male. At whit age will she be gaggin' furra a guid podger and maybes nest close by? Ah cannae find nae real clues on ra net.

Thats two membuurs o iss 4 um thats expressed an innerest in burds an ther sex lives in the last by a no verystrange co-inkydinky ther biath relaytit in bizniss mattuurs,,,,,Ah seein a distinctlie weerd set up here btw or um Ah jist overlie suspishus.....Ah wulny nemm nemms ranoo in case Ah frytin the Boo an Nota....

        Forum Index -> Sciency Pless
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