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Where's thon Artoo bugger when ye need him.........?

It's aboot a chainsaw, but maybes somewan cuild relate the problem tae a ordinury motur car an' gie me a diagnosis.

I was cutting down an overgrown stretch of hedge with mah favourite toy when a' this smoke stertit billowin' oot o' it.

Maybe's needin ile, Ah thocht. So, Ah pits in mair ile an' a'hins tickety-boo fur a whilies. Then it happens again. So Ah tries various things and get it going fine again. However, here's whit's happenin' noo.

Ah sterts it up fine, the motor soonds okay and the chain gaes roond okay...... But then, when I uses ra throttle, the engine reponds fine, but the chain stops completely.

I thocht maybes Ah'd burnt oot ra clutch, but ra clutch seems tae be okay wi' nae oabvious signs o' damage.

Whit huv Ah dun tae bugger it up, and hoo dae Ah fix it?
Fey Hag

Try here they are good.

Bet yea stuffed ra clutch Rolling Eyes

Akshly, fiddlin' aboot wi' it yesterday, Ah goat it soartit (Ah think).

But thon link's been bookmarked fur future reference, sae thank you muchly, Fey.

Whit ye mean ye think?? Eethuur ye huv fixed it or ye huvny,it cuts doon trees or it disny ...fur fuxake man Ah bet ye its aw clogged up wi blud an guts o thon taxman that came roon tae clock yer books annat...thats whits up wi it......quick away run away......... dossuur hus gone radio rental...............

        Forum Index -> Sciency Pless
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