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Fey Hag

Where do you get your news fix?

Apart fra wur local rag, ah'm inta ra Skoatsmon ra Guardian 'n Al Jazeera.

I like Newsnet Scotland, as well as wandering through the online version of the Herald, Scotsman , Guardian, Telegraph, etc.

Well, I like it a lot more, to be honest. Smile
Neil and mostly.
Fey Hag

Neil wrote: and mostly.

Big thank yea Neil, ah'm richt impressed we  ra Caledonian Mercury ean if ainly for  Trauchled what a braw wurd.

Noo awl ah need is ra pronunciation.

Try a wee dose uv Al Jazeera Neil, yea cuid be likin it.

Yea ken awl that travelin yea be doin is supposed tae broaden yir mind no yir behind. Wink

Newsnet Scotland, the local rags, Aunty and CNN, all online.

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