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Wee bit o maintainise annat....

Wis in clearin up aw thon spammin bastirts whit ur jinin at a rate o knots this wethuur...whit issit wi these currints Ah mean they must know they jist get dileetit an come tae think onit how dae they manage tae jine in the furst place??? Ah mean dae they no need tae be checked oot furst???
Ony wey enjoy ra sun aw o yese thons why Ahm no in here a loat this wethuur....
An while Ahm here whit dae ye think o ra budjit an aw thon labuur paps moanin an groanin when they an ther ilk caused aw this overspend shyte in the furst place....fuggin hippokrits that they is...
Rant ower aff tae ra rays agen byeeeeeeeeeeee........ Cool

I apologize for that previous piece of spam. I'll try to delete it as soon as possible.

Yer nemm is noo in the black buik Alba an naw its no the wan that Ah elektrocootit! Very Happy

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