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Wan disnae want tae speak too soon.........

.......but huz any o' mah fellow auld farts noticed sum'hin' aboot ra weather lately?

Is it going back to "normal"?

See, this is how I remember it when Ah wiz younger and still merely a auld-fart-in-ra-making.

A' ra seasons in wan day, Ah mean. Nice sunshine wan meenit, then a lovely light drizzle ra next. Nae mair o' this 40 days o' drought followed by a' ra gods flushin' thur lavies at the same time ower and ower.

Ah'm gettin' quite hopeful o' ra summer. Whit ye think? Diz a week o' lovely light drizzle no' a Spring make? Huv Ah spoke ower soon? Please tell me Ah huvnae, eh!

Re: Wan disnae want tae speak too soon.........

Yep, there seems to be a big shiny thing in the sky.   Very strange.    Laughing

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