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Fey Hag

Viva Espana

Noo we have a happy  sated  wee Alba 'n a verra smug octapussy  Shocked

Dinna ferget ra 'Awl Whites' wurnae beaten, whit iver that means in ra scheme uv roond ball weird rools.

Ra Basques an honry Basques at wur pless urny celebratin, tho ahmur deid chuffed atra humiliayshun ora Sassenach.

well glad Los Espangna won in the end but the Dutch really pyshed me aff wey thair tactics an ferr spoiled the game. Ejits. Shood huv hud a couple sent aff afore hawf time an nae need tae spoil ah final like that. Thot the ref did well....nice to see Ingerland in the final annat. Smile

Ra ingerlish nayshun ur aw that trawmatized aboot ther exit frae ra wurild cup that a nashnil helpline hus bin set up fur thum............
They huv tae ring 0800-414141............. Twisted Evil

Ah watched ra Ingurlish/ Germany match fae a totally neutral corner at furst. Ah didnae gie a keech whit side won. But then Ah noticed twa Ingurlish supporters dressed up as WWII RAF flyers. At that point, Ah ceased tae be neutral and, tae mah great joy, my new chosen side won.

Whit is it wi' these Ingurlish pricks? Dae they genuinely believe a gem o' footie hus sum cultural or historical connection or sum'hin wi' ra real heroism o' ra blitz and Dunkirk an' ra Battle o' Britain?

Stop insultin' yer ane history, ye silly Ingurlish twits!

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