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Usefu, ur fun bits

Fur Firefox fans. That'll be me, an umm.... me then?

FEBE: Handy utility for backing up all yer addons, prefs and settins.

NoScript: Blocks Java scripts, unless you allow them, keeps all those trackin/targettin scripts from loggin your activities. Remembers your preferences per site.

Adblock Plus: Does was it says on the tin.

Flashblock: Disables flash on a page unless you choose to play it.

Cookie Monster: Blocks/allows cookies per site according to your prefs.

Sxipper: Fedup fillin in forms? This yins fur you then. Remembers yer passwords annol. Noo ye kin hae as many socks as ye like.

Quicknote: A post-it addon.

NoSquint: Addons fur ra blin, adjust yer zoom settins on a site by site basis. Nae mair eyestrain.

ColorfulTabs: The name sais it aw really. Ye kin colour code yer tabs by website, so aw yer Wikis'll be ra semm fetchin shade.

Smart Bookmarks: A toolbar ye kin use tae find yer favrit/maist visited quickly.

Forecastfox: Wit's ra wethur gonny dae faur yese ur? Is'll tell ye. Corss, ye'll nae need it fur a week ur twa, it's Wimbledon the noo, so nae doot it's rainin. Ah wunder if thon new roof'll add tae global warmin.

Date Picker/Calendar: Date and time doohickey. Mines is set tae:%a, %d %b %Y, %H:%M:%S. Ye dinna really need ra %S, but ah like watchin time wastin awa.
Fey Hag

Ah'm a Firefox fan frae way back but ah need trainer wheels on iverything or a git awfoo confused. Embarassed

Error Messages for Firefox. Not remotely useful, just amusin

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