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Urr Liebore gonnae get creamed the day in Glesgae?

Eh fu**in hope so, fir the sake ae the denizens o' the "Dear Green Pliss"...

Wese kin ay dreem, but issis Glesga yer spikkin o.

Despite a' the anti-SNP propaganda spewed oot beh the Brit Bigot Corp, the North British Person, the Rectum an the like, thir's deffnitly a wee breeze o' change blowin through Glesgae the noo.  Eh hink thir's like tae be a few ae the Liebore life-troughers luikin fir a joab shortly...

Here's a lovely wee bit of Labour comment that I had previously missed.

Wishing death on Alex Salmond's father.    "Scottish Labour for Scotland" group on Facebook


ALEX SALMOND'S 90-year-old father was yesterday forced to issue a defiant message after a twisted Labour supporter said online that he wished he would die.

The First Minister described the taunt as "pathetic" and the SNP called for the offending website, which is only open to Labour Party supporters and used by the Holyrood leadership, to be shut down.

The sick jibe was made by "Daniel Kelly", a member of the "Scottish Labour for Scotland" group on the social networking website, Facebook.

It came after Mr Salmond cancelled an appearance on the BBC's Question Time on Thursday night because he had to attend a family funeral the following day.

In a comment taken to refer to the death of the First Minister's elderly aunt, Kelly wrote: "Don't you wish his dear old dad did the same."

However Royal Navy veteran Robert Salmond, who was on board HMS Indomitable when she was torpedoed during the Second World War, said: "This person is in for a disappointment - there's no way I'm pegging out before the Cup Final.

"I've been waiting all my life for a Hearts/Hibs final, and I'm going to be there in three weeks' time.

"In any case, I survived the war so I can survive the comments of some nyaff on the Internet.

"I'm not into computers, so this stuff doesn't bother me - it just sounds like someone has a lot of growing up to do."

Ironically, the nonagenarian, who still lives in the family home in Linlithgow, West Lothian, was a Labour voter until he was put off for life by a rude canvasser.

His son, who spent yesterday campaigning in Fife and Glasgow ahead of Thursday's council elections, added: "This is the lowest of the low, just pathetic."

Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont, her deputy Anas Sarwar, shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran and Tony Blair's spin doctor Alastair Campbell are all members of the Facebook group.

Labour officials insisted they had no knowledge of Kelly and did not believe he is a member of the party.

However, he identifies himself as a staunch supporter and is Facebook friends with Ms Lamont, Mr Sarwar and Mrs Curran, as well as dozens of high-ranking Labour politicians including former First Minister Jack McConnell, MPs Cathy Jamieson, Ian Davidson, Tom Harris and Tom Watson, and MSPs Jackie Baillie, James Kelly, John Park and Lewis Macdonald.

A spokesman for the SNP said: "Johann Lamont and Anas Sarwar should immediately resign from this website, which should also be shut down."

Incredibly, Labour attempted to distance themselves from the uproar and described it as a "desperate smear" by the Nationalists.

A spokesman said: "This desperate smear campaign falls at the first hurdle because this Facebook page is not owned, managed, or operated by Scottish Labour, and it will not detract from the rantings and ravings of SNP candidates - sacked or otherwise - online.

"Political parties are responsible for their candidates and officials, but members of the public must be responsible for their own behaviour."

Privately, officials said they found the comment "absolutely reprehensible" and urged the moderator of the Facebook page to have Kelly banned.

The party also insist there is a "substantive issue" about why Mr Salmond pulled out of Question Time in the wake of the revelations about him agreeing to lobby on behalf of the Murdoch empire.

Some critics believe the First Minister could have made it back from Romford, Essex, in time for his 92 year old aunt's funeral in Kirkcaldy, Fife, on Friday morning.


Ah've aye notissed at Liebore dae tend tae get a mite bitchy fan thur up agin it. Ayhin tae divert attenshun faera loomin iceberg. Wuidna it be nice if they got a nice slappin inra polls eh?

So ra anserr's naw en, big surprise. It's bin richt fun mind watchin they condems gettin a guid slappin.

Naw, indeed, (sob sob greet greet) although it's a bit of a laugh seeing people like Frank McAveety (failed MSP) run back to get a safe seat on Glasgow City Council.  Just so he's never expected to go to actual W***, you know - not when there's old pals to arrange a safe council berth for him.        Rolling Eyes

It's naw as bad as the Brit-biased meeja wid hae yi hink, ra SNP made a bunchae gains here and err, bit no as mony as wi'd hopet fir in Glesgae.  It's comin, though.

Oan a lichter note, ra SNP is noo the third biggest political perty, cooncillor-wise, in the YooKay.  Wi've merr SNP cooncillors in Scotland than the Fib Dumbs hae a' ower the YooKay.

Flock wi the craws, yi get shot wi them...

aNonnyMoose wrote:
Oan a lichter note, ra SNP is noo the third biggest political perty, cooncillor-wise, in the YooKay.

No quite, 'cordin tae this.

Ah, I think I might see where some Labour votes came from:

Gordon Matheson, leader of Glasgow City Council, was greeted with applause when he told a hustings of around 100 members of the Orange Order that he would "hold his hands up" and admit a groundbreaking approach to reducing marches in the city was flawed.

But last night the head of the organisation representing Scotland's rank-and-file police officers said it would be "perverse" to encourage further parades, while the Orange Order said it now expects Mr Matheson to deliver on his promise.

The pledge comes after Strathclyde chief constable Stephen House championed Glasgow's parades policy as the one best reflecting the police approach to marches, while encouraging other west of Scotland councils to follow the city's lead.

Mr Matheson, whose Labour administration was returned last Friday with an unexpectedly large majority, said the council should have done more to consult the Orange Order and he promised a senior councillor would oversee a review.

He also told the meeting held before last week's election that a vote for Labour would help safeguard the union and prevent the SNP using Glasgow as a stepping stone to independence.

The council has repeatedly hailed its approach to parades as a success, with almost all disputes with march organisers resolved before the event.

Introduced 18 months ago, the policy was aimed at reducing marches through the city centre and restricting start and finish times amid concerns over the impact on public resources, businesses and communities.

Climate protesters and trade unions have had demonstrations curtailed or re-routed, along with loyalist and Irish republican parades.

According to council figures, the number of parades by Protestant loyal orders in Glasgow outstrips the total number of marches in Londonderry and Belfast combined.

Calum Steele, general secretary of the Scottish Police Federation, said: "Resources are finite and that's why reform of the police and fire service is under way.

"It would seem perverse if some kind of action is taken to encourage an increase in parade activities. This deprives communities of police officers."

Robert McLean, executive officer of the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland, said: "Mr Matheson admitted the policy was wrong and we're now hoping he will review the parades policy.

"We do not tell our members who to vote for but as a unionist organisation they should be supporting a unionist candidate." ....


I think Labour forgot to put that wee detail on the election bumf they put through letterboxes.       Mad

Funny tae see the two opposite types oh keech gettin tigithir tae fight the SNP (Bow)
Shows ye how scairt they ur despite thir posturin'
Orange order an' the kaflic mafia (GCC) whit a parlimint a craws that is.

Assa Scots gNat o la-a-ang standin ahmur fair flattered, but naethin cuid convince me Wee Eck is scary, ah've kent him tae lang.

Ah Senga yir jist a young wan compared tae me, I've bin in the SNP since waaaaay before the oil wis discovered an' efter ah left the Army I jined. (In ma day in the army yi couldny be a memeber o' any party, that's chinged noo ah think)
Ah know jimmy johnstone an his dochter janice, he got a long service medal fur no bein caught at fiddlin or somethin a number o' years ago.

Scottish politics is rapidly becomin a twa-pairty system; nationalists versus unionists. There's nae noticeable diffrince atween the various unionist sects.

Well said Neil.

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