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Until now, I thocht it wiz a myth.

Joseph Conrad wrote a smashing book called The Nigger of the Narcissus. In the States, it was published as Children of the Sea, but not because the use of the word nigger was considered offensive: it was because the American publishers reckoned that a book about a black man jist wuildnae sell.
I'd heard that it had been republished recently with the terrible word (which is used throughout the book completely in context and in a way that's important to the tale) with the terrible word removed.
I didnae believe it............

But it's true!

So now, all the other sailors, initially hostile, or at least not sure about the the black guy say things like  that n-word's only pretending to be ill; that n-word this; that n-word that.

Here it is.

So, altogether now - It's political Corr........

Ah despair...

An the really crazy thing is sumbdy thocht it wiz a guid idea tae spend aa the money it tuik tae gang through the hale text an substitute N-word aa ower the place. Actually, Ah s'pose that wiz easy wi a word processor if the text hud been digitised first.

Oh B-word F-word H-word!     Shocked

Despair is right.

Have they also bowdlerised Uncle Tom's Cabin and Huckleberry Finn?

I trust it goes without saying that I'm not recommending use of "nigger" nowadays and in current context, but if you start messing with literature as it was written, where do you stop?

F-word F-word F-word!     Mad

It wouldn't take me at all long to find examples of writing that's offensive to women, or offensive to Scottish people,   but for G-word's sake, this "nigger" business in older literature belongs there in its context, whatever that shows about the society of its time.

Actually I have never read Conrad's "The Nigger or Darkie or Sambo or Coloured or other offensive term or black or for all I B-word know African-American on the Narcissus", but thanks to good old Project Gutenberg, it's now duly downloaded.


I just read the blurb about the book further down the page.
on that link

"The N-word of the Narcissus tells the tale of a fateful voyage of a British sailing ship, and on that voyage the ability of a lone black man to take the crew hostage. The ability of this man to manipulate an entire ship's crew can no longer be seen as a mere exercise in storytelling. Conrad in fact appears to have been the first to highlight the phenomenon of manipulation based in white guilt."

That's no' how I read it at a'. See whit you think wance ye've read it, Celyn.

Project Gutenberg, eh? Noo Ah ken fit ma next read's gaen tae be.

Whit! Ye mean a' 40,000 books?

Yep, I am much in live with my Sony E-reader thingy.   Obviously real books are better in many ways, but not for price and portability.

Now there's a subject that tend to raise strong feelings  - e-books vs. real books.    Me, I like both but we could have a booky stushie if it would be fun.

dosser wrote:
Whit! Ye mean a' 40,000 books?

Nae aa at ae go! Ah've read a fair few aaready (cheap? moi?) but the next een Ah gang aifter will be Mr. Conrad's wee tome.

Ah luved his tour guide tae the Congo... the horror! The horror!
Fey Hag

Ah'm a great fan uv Project Gutenberg.
Muh wee E-reader visits ra Dr's waitin room in mah purse.
Lots of N wurds in all they Classics

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