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It wiz akshly locked at the special request o' Alba.
So I dun whit he asked and then he buggered-aff never tae be seen again.

It is now unlocked at the special request o' Clash. Wi' any luck, he will noo also bugger aff and never be seen again.

As if I didnae hae enough tae dae already.......... over three hunner posts a day tae be moderatit. I cannae cope wi' the pressure. That's why I jist delete 99.99996% o' them.

The fight wi Alba and the grate Clash wis over noases.

Clash's noas is famus because it's a really really refined noas and disny get into people's way (unless they want it to..... remember thon time in Byres Road Celyn?).

Alba's conk is an absolute winner. It goes out then it chust stops wi a square bit on the end.

Ah've chust googled noases and it says there are 14 different classified noases! Well they're completely wrong. It's mair than 14 because they've no seen Alba's conk... actually it could be 16 noases becos the kunt's noas has to be counted as mair than wan.

Was it Alba that hurt his nose by not wearing a seat belt in a taxi?  Something like that?

Byres Road, Clash?  I am but a mere scruff and would not be allowed in Byres Road.

Dinny think that Alba wid be stupid enough to no wear a seat belt Celyn.

Canny believe that even Alba's noas wid be used as a seat belt: are you sure it wisny a story where Alba's noas wis the biggest and safest thing to hing onto in the taxi?

.....  ah'v got a feeling that your idea and my idea of Byres Road in the 70s could differ slightly.

My remembrance wis lots and lots o varsity types wi long scrarves so you wid huv been a perfect fit.... dae you no remember? I wis the wan wi nae scarf and the big noas! sigh.

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