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Fey Hag


It is fair amazin hoo many troo things yea kin sey ta 'n aboot a politishun in 49 charicturs.
Bein elecshun yir ah'm indulgin mahsel.
Guid fer ra health.
Slimy bastids will take innythung fer ta git a vote. Fat chancers.

Good luck.. We have just got rid of the worst state government we have ever had

I don't really understand what Twitter is, Fey, but if it's good for saying true things about slimy politicians, I'm in favour.   Oh yes indeed.     Very Happy    And there's no shortage of slimy politicians around.   Sad

I'm rather pleased with Scotland's election results, and saying "rather pleased" ought to win me a gold star for understatement.  Smile  

Of course, we now get to read and hear a whole lot of "Scotland is a silly nonsense and is subsided by England anyway" type of thing from people who also want Scotland to remain part of the U.K. "with every fibre I have".  
Logic might not be the strong point there.      Very Happy
Fey Hag

I think your results are fantastic.
People who say you are too wee are daft.
Yir bigger than wur lot.
You are richt slap bang in the middle of all the markets 'n yea hae oil.
Yir no at ra arse end uv ra planet like we ur.

We hae been doin bonny till rotten rubbish bastit politishuns sold us doon ra river.
Glad sumboady menshuned yir elecshun it in heir at last.

Thort they had given ra wee Bothy ra last richts.

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