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When whoever it was recently explained, with great tact, that Heidy is "toast", I thought of this, which I had only discovered that day.  Thought it might be uncool to go on with the toast theme, but then  whenever I have notions of sensitivity, these ideas never lasted long.

Anyway here is more of the subject of toast:

And I do quite like the idea of a toasteddfod.     Smile

Mair toast here.

Best thing since sliced bread

Christ, Oz, thon joke wiz nearly wothy o' Senga.......... Talkin' o' whom, has anywan heard fae her lately?

Bastard Celyn.. I thought that wis gonny be a French toast tae heidi or at least something which wid be "yum yum yum (French translation: "yum yum yum").

Or in Spanish "yum yum yum".

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