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Fey Hag

To all drivers


Remember this slogan: If you open your car door with your right hand you turn your head away.

If you open the door with your left hand your head is turned to see what is coming from behind.

America use your right.
DON"T KILL A BIKE RIDER it may be a friend u save.
This is my one woman crusade.

Thought it up when I saw a near miss.
Have (home made) sticker now on my car.

Brilliant non sequiter Fey: whit in the name o the wee man wis that one about? Kill a bike rider? Fuxxache.

Ma middle daughter wis bike training in a place called Maroochydore in Queensland. A moron opened his car door and knocked her off her bike..... as is normal for a bike accident: one broken collarbone. It took more than 2 years to get compensation frae the kunt who opened the door in her face. She only got a couple of thousand because the crooked coppers in queensland said that she should have been looking fur a car door opening in front of her. Unbelievably the judgement wis that my daughter should have been looking and the payment was cut.

Since then ah've been knocked aff ma bike at least three times.

Fortunatly I aye carry a knife wi me now. The last time wis about 6 years ago. I charged efter the big lorry driver who tried to kill me. Stopped beside him and effed and blinded like a heidi wi nae kidney.

The bastirt couldny even see me so I got ma knife oot and with all ma strenth stuck it in his tyre.

A'body knows how strong a knife kin be in a Scotsmans hands when angry.

The knife did a Dosser and didny penetrate anything.

The lorry fucked aff oblivious to the tanned, hansum an famus person wi a rid face sitting on a bike holding his hand because the knife bounced back and knicked his arm.

Fucking lorry drivers.

An you wi yer Southpaw Doors Fey. Get tae fuck.

I saw some silly bastard, a courier, double park & throw open his door which was promptly removed by a passing truck.

Served the bugger right!
Fey Hag

Ah'm plannin tae kerry a Kea gun (sawn of shotgun with a pistol grip handle) in mah wee baby buggy ah tow rahind the bike. Ah'll hae no trouble blastin a bluidy great hole in ra tire if inny sod tries ta door mah wee bike.

You Boys enjoyin ra Rugby then?


Bluidy Paddies Crying or Very sad  Crying or Very sad  Crying or Very sad

Err wis me wan day, back afore bits started fawin aff, gettin afra bus atra bus stap fan a bleedin messinger twat peddled atween ra stop anra bus. Me endit up wi a badly cut leg wit needed ten stitches an a broken wrist. He goat a bentit bike anna fine.

Mind fan ah usedtae cycle masel ah hud a reflector oana 12" steel spike stickin oot oanra traffic side o mah bike (jist like a Roman chariot - heh-heh). Ay drivur wit goat tae close tae me hud his paint job wrecked. Ah still goat knocked aff ma perch a few times but, ah even tried werrin a reflectiff jaicket, nae use.

Whit in the name o the wee man wid a rid haired siren want wi a reflector jaikit?


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