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This cannae be right.

"A skeleton found beneath a Leicester car park has been confirmed as that of English king Richard III."

Fuckin' experts!

Dae they no' realise, thur wurnae nae car parks in the 15th. Century.

this cannae be right....

Dosser: A few years ago I read where the English, four years after he had been dead and buried, dug up the remains of Cromwell because he had died on the rack and his sentence also called for a they dug him up and hung him....and you et your boots I believe that.

Fey Hag

So much fur R.I.P.

Furst he wus maligned.
Then he wus disinterred
Puir Richard ra thurd


An' noo thur a other "excerpt" tryin' tae make oot they'd fun a 15th century recordin' o' his voice.

(Nice tae see ye back, Fey!)
Fey Hag

Shocked Back ah'm back? So thit's whit ra weird Mon muh thingie oop top is aboot  Embarassed  Embarassed  Rolling Eyes

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