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The Val Barker Trophy

I'd never heard of this until today.

It's a trophy awarded to the most "outstanding" boxer in the Olympic Games. The nice thing about it is that it seems to recognise that the best man isnae aye the winner: while most of the recipients have been Olympic Champions, mere silver and bronze medalists have also won it in the past.

(And wha kens - maybe this year it cuild be won by wan o' they upper-body-jockstrap wearers.)

Thing is, dae ye ken o' any ither awards like the Val Barker Trophy fur ither olympic dissyplinns?

Ah jist came back tae mention that the only British boxer ever tae hae won it wiz a Dundonian ca'ed Dick McTaggart back in 1956.

a trophy for the sport way the nicest totty in them.

joint 1st :women of the modern decathlon
men....(females/bi/gays insert your answer here)

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