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The Transatlantic Sessions

Some highlights from Series 3.

Eddie Reader & Karen Matheson:

Tim O’Brien & Darrell Scott:

Cara Dillon:

Darrell Scott & Paul Brady

Julie Foulis & Bruce Molsky:

Russ Barenberg:

Tim O’Brien:

Julie Fowlis, Donal Lunny & Bruce Molsky

Karen Matheson:

Kara Dillon & Paul Brady:

Joan Osborn & Donal Lunny:

Darrell Scott:

Iris DeMent & Joan Osborn:

Julie Fowlis & Jenna Reid:

Darrell Scott & Karen Matheson:

Joan Osborn & Iris DeMent:

Russ Barenberg:

Kara Dillon & Sam Lakeman:

Bruce Molsky & Julie Fowlis

Bruce Molsky:

Erzi ferr few o ra denizens o Celtic oan thon list eh? Ahmur wurkin ma way through it aw. Guid stuff sae far.

I'm telt one o them is a cousin of mine but ah'm no gonny boast about it.

Good stuff: missis Clash is gonny greet when she hears them.

If it's Tim O'Brien, I'll hiv yir babies.  Very Happy

Great stuff there, but ye've furgot some ither Transatlantic Session thingy fowlk like Ally Bain, Phil Cunningham, Jay Unger, Sharron Shannen, Michael Doucet......

Ah weel, Ah ken there oan Youtoob. Maybes Ah'll add them mahsel'.

even ah liked some ah that stuff.......and that's sayin something.

Almost excellenty.
Fey Hag

H H yea shood be gettin a wee medal fer awl ra pleasure in yir post
Fey Hag

Makes me smile!

New series (4?) just started on BBC4 this week, excellenty.

the sessions/HH:

I dinnae get tae see them.
Each one that I have clicked oan taks me tae the utube thingmie and the message says "thon is a private" whatever.
Typed in "Eddie Reader and Karen Magnusson" and get a list of Eddie Reader songs; took me a while tae move oan....she dis a guid job oan Red Red Rose and many mair.

Taaa daaaaaaaa

Eat yer heart oot coontint boay.   Very Happy

Ur ye sure accountants have hearts?    Confused

Ah know wan thit does.

Maura O'Connell with Nanci Griffith - Trouble In The Fields:

Iris DeMent - Sweet Is The Melody;

Eddi Reader with Boo Hewerdine - Footsteps Fall:

Eddi Reader - Back to Earth:

Iris De Ment-Let The Mystery Be:

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