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The stange case o' ra dug's arse.

Ah tend (increasingly) tae nip intae a particlur wee hosterly furra a dram oan mah wye hame fae w**k.

Wan o' ra reglurs huz a wee Jack Russel bitch. The day, it came intae ra back gerdin' where Ah wiz ha'en a wee smoke wi' mah dram. It danners ontae ra grass wi' its erse facin' me an' squats doon furra wee, rather squishy lookin', keech.

Nu'hin' at a' remarkable in that! yiz are thinkin'! Thon's jist a shite machine daen whit shite machines dae best.

The thing is........... Ah am prepared tae swear oan oath, ra keech came oot o' the wrang hole!

Ah've heard o' pigs haen interestin' deformities doonstairs, but no' dugs.  Embdie else ever heard o' dugs wi' sic remarkable abilities?
Fey Hag

If ra wee Bitch has had pups to a large other breed 'n she was nae treated propper, yea kuid be richt.

Then agen yea cuid just be pie eyed n' plastered.

Ah me masel huvny much experience o dugs arses but Ah bow tae dossurs soopeeriuur observation powers ,speshullie when scannin a dugs arse,as he nae doot hus loads o experiense huvirin aboot his clients arses....ho hum,but wan thong Ah dae ken aboot is that nota hus shyte comin oot his mooth maist eftuur aw he is a coo-peltuur!

        Forum Index -> Sciency Pless
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