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Fey Hag

The sight

There would be few Highland or Island families that did not have stories of the ‘seeing ‘ or the ‘knowing’.
There was always someone referred to as having ‘the sight’ throughout the generations of my family.
To us it was a normal part of life.
One of the stories that is well documented in the family, was that of Maggie  & her younger brother Dougal.
When the family migrated from Isla to New Zealand in the 1870’s Dougal did not find the life of farming to his liking, so set of to seek his fortune in the gold fields of New Guinea.
He wrote to his sister over the years as the bond between to two was strong.
She had her last letter delivered to her in 1882.
One spring morning in 1883 Maggie reared back from the cow she was milking threw her apron over her face & began to wail Duggie’s deid Duggie’s deid.
Six months later the letter came from a companion of Dougal’s saying that on the day Maggie had the ‘knowing’ ,  Dougal has died of Blackwater Fever .
The Family have the letter & the Family Bible bears witness to the day of Maggie’s knowing.

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