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Fey Hag

The Red Legs

In the early 60's I first heard of the Red Legs.
When I got on to the net it was one of the things I looked for but all I could find was about the Pirate called Red Leg.
There seemed to be a belief that he was of Scottish origin.

Just a few days ago I did my usual once a year search & was shocked to find this

Why shocked; well the face of the woman could be any one of my great Aunts to look at.
I would have dearly loved to see that BBC program.

I am not a good writer,  so can not hope to emulate Chookie.

If there is any interest in the Red Legs as a part of Scotland's past I would be happy to share by posting some of the stuff I have collected.
Fey Hag

Diligent searching got me this ---  for those not able to get local access.

This answered all the things I have searched for.

I imagine you've read this article
Fey Hag

Aye Neil; I think that was where my first information must have come from, though it was only a scrap of it that I read, but it stuck in my mind.

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