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The Last Poast...

Hehehehehehehehe we ur movin this 4 um an Alba tae wee bay....haw haw haw.... Laughing

Jesus wept Heidi... It wisny "Last Post". It wis just like yersel "Loast".

And it wisny something fur the Alba erse to boast aboot.

It cost him about a hunerd euro's.

Heh heh heh.. It cost the grate Clash fuckall.

yie still owe me fur that ya diddy.

Alba ma man let me explain a wee fact o life here tae ye......ther is as much chance o you gettin ony munt oota Clashie boay as ther is o ony o his guests gettin a guid nites rest an sleep an then an edible brekkie in ra morn!

Urra Dukla Prague shurt ooty me.  Twisted Evil

        Forum Index -> THE very nice UM UM UM UM
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