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I thought this was the right place for this

I was going to pm folks but then changed my mind and decided to do this in public so everyone knows just how much I appreciate folk here.

To everyone that has kept me going over the past 11 months since I had the bad news that I had breast cancer - I would like to say a huuuge thankyou. Your messages of support have got me through some grim days and helped me to stay positive. I couldn't have done it without youse.
I have decided that I am going back to W*** on September 1st (well the Monday is a Bank Holiday and I don't have to W*** those) after sitting on my bum for so long.

this is a good place to be even if I have to suffer Clash' baldy head and false booby comments

love n hugs J xx


Ahmur ferr delightit fur ye that yer feelin guid enuff tae return taera salt mines. Weel dun you.

Helped you to stay positive?  Nah, you always managed to have an amazingly positive attitude throughout it all.   You're an inspiration, so ye urr.  

I'm so pleased you are getting better - just mind and no let them W*** you too hard!


First I've heard of this (I've a lot to catch up on)
Bestest wishes from me, btw.  Wink

Aye weejay yer an inspiration tae us aw hen (apart frae yer near pron poastins oan FB) ....Ahm me masel um near getin a riddy when Ah see some o yer in yer endo type ritins annat.....  Rolling Eyes

UP your endo type writing you mean  heh heh

HH - I just told a few folk about it. I have only just told some of my family members, only my parents, 3 daughters and 4 sisters knew plus 2 sisters in law were told at the time.  

We just came back from a pub lunch with the parents, 1 daughter and 1 grandson and 2 of my sisters and their kids. I got some funny looks off the kids at first but they were probably thinking that I'd got nits and had my hair cut off.  I told them that the burn on my neck was from a mishap at my fire juggling class. I think I got away with it.
Boudleaux C Merkin

Ye've been an inspiration tae us, hen. Ah always felt thit you wiz helpin us through yer troubles  You've made me an' the present Mrs Merkin's day. Very Happy

weejan wrote:
I just told a few folk about it. 3 daughters and 4 sisters knew plus 2 sisters in law

The three fastest methods of comunication:
Tell a wummin.
Fey Hag

Och hen yiv got me greetin fra joy. Fantastic news.
You have been such a help to my co-Mother-in-law as she took the walk with you through me.
You have no idea how much you lifted my spirits with your feisty aproach to all that uncharted country.
Be kind to yirsel & dinna weirk too hard.


I didnae know about this either, but for what it's worth (& apologies for the delay, have only just seen this!) great news to hear.

Well done & good luck missus. Don't W*** too hard!

Very Happy

thanks to all
there was a slight delay to the getting back to normal. I was under the impression that the rads was the end of it but then they told me that the burns would come out and yes thats what happened. you know how a microwave cooks from the inside out? I ended up with huge burns dressings in various places and a very nasty burn over my collar bone which had to be dressed twice a day. Then I got a rash off the dressings tape but it's all clearing up now and I just have a patch of dry skin which I smother in E45 cream.

I'll just add my voice to those who were surprised by this news.

Be well weejan (breast cancer is prominent in my wife's family and I particularly liked your joke about your cups being 3/4 full).
Boudleaux C Merkin

There's probably not a person reading this thread who has not had someone close to them suffer from breast cancer. The present Mrs Merkin's only aunt, who she thinks of as a second mother, has just finished her treatment. Like you, Jan, she has kept her spirits up and made us feel the better for it. Sorry to hear about the burns tho' I've no doubt whatever you'll see them off.  Smile

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