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Fey Hag

Tawk ta me aboot Stuart MacBride

Ah was ower th' moon when ah first foond thes Scottish authur.

His first book 'Cauld Granite' sit in Aberdeen, hud wonderfully drawn characters, barry dialogue & a fest movin' grippin' style.

I coods nae bide fur th' next  body 'n enjoyed thum aw.

Camr 'Flesh Hoose" & ance again it is a stoatin reid if somewhat gruesome.
Weel that's th' in hin' fur whodunits these days.

Who th' f***k wrote tha lest chapter?

Some fool minded wee bairn stampin' in a dub ay sloppy pig jobby while usin' every fool wuid knoon tae mon.

Tawk aboot wallowin in it.

Ah wud value yir opinions.

Ye hae no read hum?

Git tor in yir needid.
Fey Hag

Soo; yea canna read innythin bit comiks; noo ra seekrit is oot.

We huv nevuur heard o this scribblir ..jist cos aw you kin read is auld buiks ye find in ra doctuurs waitin room.... Laughing
Fey Hag

Must be yir nae tawkin aboot him cause he came fra roond yir wey Heidy.
Dumbarton mon soheis.

Kuid explain his problims when ah cum tae think uv it. Rolling Eyes

Sno aften yer rite ya auld bat bur Agm afraid yer rang agen he isny a dumbartin man he fucked affy tae furryboots wyen he wis two so strklie speakin he wis a dumbartin toddlir if that!...

Who wis he brw? Ahve nevuur herd o him an Ah ken near everywan here weel ma mammy did as she wis a midwife an delivirt maist o ra denizins....wis a whiley ago mind........ Laughing

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