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Wisnae quite sure where tae put this.......

When spuds first stated to be grown in Scotland (the first ones ever grown in the UK were in fact grown in Ayreshire), were they viewed as some kind o' luxury food?

See, back during the Napoleonic wars, French prisoners wiz kept roond these parts and thur official daily rations consistit o' beef. peas and bried...... Nae tatties. So, Ah wiz jist wundrin if spuds wiz considert "ower guid" tae waste on them, or if they jist wisnae available tae common fowlk generally.

Ra Gospel corrdin tae Wiki

Wiki wrote:
Role in world food supply

Although it was initially feared to be poisonous, the potato became an important staple crop in northern Europe. Famines in the early 1770s contributed to its acceptance, as did government policies in several European countries and climate change during the Little Ice Age, when traditional crops in this region did not produce as reliably as before. At times when and where most other crops would fail, potatoes could still typically be relied upon to contribute adequately to food supplies during the colder years. Its yield of Calories per acre (about 9.2 million) is higher than that of maize (7.5 million), rice (7.4 million), wheat (3 million), or soybean (2.8 million). The potato was not popular in France during this time, and it is believed that some of the infamous famines could have been lessened if French farmers had adopted it. Today, the potato forms an important part of the traditional cuisines of most of Europe. Belarus has the highest consumption of potato per capita with each Belorussian consuming 338 kg in 2005.

So, mebbe it wis cos they wuidna eat thum.

Weel, weel. Ah never thocht o' that.

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