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T'day wiz wur thurd burfday....

And whit did A get????

No' wan caird!

(see whit Ah did there, btw.)

Weel, why wuild anywan care??? Maybes if ye goat aff yer fat arse wance in a whilies, instead o'leavin' it a' tae ither fowlk......

As fer me and my efforts on yer behalf......... Weel, believe it or no' a committee has be gathirt thegither (A hale feckin' committee, byraway!) tae celebrate mah wurks an' achievements in song!

'Course Alba thinks it's aboot him. But the Alba thinks a'things aboot him.
Coonint o' the year, yer arse!

My excuse is I never remember to send Hippo Bathday cards at the right time.    Mibbe in a couple of months, if you're really lucky.  Smile.

Awe the best Dossier. See yer oanly 3 an yer yer typin away good style annat.

Happy burfday tae yersell an yer effurts are well appreshiated mate.

big kissies fae me.

i'd offer you a burfday snog but as I am just getting over the norovirus, maybe you might not want to?

Ah ony dae unburfdays noo. Thur mair fun.

Money's tight
Times are hard
Here's you friggin birthday card

Fey Hag

Yir a typical fractious bairn o'3.
Ah want it cause a want it & ah want it noo.
Asssif any uv us doddery auld fools kuid remembur when we grew this place.

Happy burthdey; Luiks like yeaur in fer a growth spurt.

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