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Fey Hag

Some Bosses ......

IF yoo've ever worked fur a boss 'at reacts afair gettin' th' facts ain thinkin' things ben, ye will loove thes!

Harley davidson, feelin' it was time fur a shake-up, hired a new ceo.

Th' new boss was determined tae rid th' company ay aw slackers.

On a toor ay th' facilities, th' ceo noticed a guy leanin' oan a dyke.

The room was foo ay workers an' he wanted tae lit them ken 'at he meant business.

He walked up tae th' guy leanin' against th' dyke an' speart, 'haw much bunsens dae ye make a week?'

A wee surprised, th' cheil looked at heem an' replied, 'I make $400 a week.
Wa?' the ceo 'en handed th' guy $1,600 in cash an' screamed, 'here's foor weeks' pay, noo gie it an' dornt come back.'

Feelin' bonnie guid abit himself, th' ceo looked aroond th' room an' speart, 'does anyain want tae teel me whit 'at slacker did haur? '

Frae athwart th' room cam a voice, 'pizza delivery guy frae Domino's.'

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