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So long, Heidy.......

........and thanks for all the laughs!

As some of you already know, oor guid pal Heidy passed away recently.

You can read the obituary here -;s_source=tmsc_lh

I only ever knew him as Heidcase, Heidy or Heidie depending on where I read his funny, clever, spleen-ventings. Like most of you, I never actually met him.

However, I know that Billy Big Baws (who some of you might remember from eleswhere) did once meet up with him, and he told me later that Ian Menzies was an incredibly nice bloke.

He going to be badly missed I'm sure.

OH NO!   That's horrible.   He's had a rough time healthwise esp. in this last year but I didn't know he was close to going, or indeed, already gone.

That's really horribly sad news.   Never met him but I think he we all know that the message-board "grumpy git" persona was a big fat fake and he was a sweet bloke really.   Just a fluffy nice Heidy in fact.   Just imagine what he'd shout at me if he could read that!

Oh dear.  What a damn shame.   I'm sorry for his family and I'm sure he will be missed enormously.

Crying or Very sad

Thanks for passing on this news, dosser.

Ach ah know he secretly loved Greenock

Am jist sorry ah never got roon tae actually meeting up wae him


Sad sad day for me yesterday when I heard the news from notanimby. Still really upset and not sure what to say. He was a special one off and my friend. Canny even think of anything funny to say. He will be missed.


I never met him now I never will.

A thoroughly good man and a great loss  we shall all miss him

My heart felt sympathies go to his family

Ah wee light went oot.......................

alba wrote:
Ah wee light went oot.......................

... and you can never find a Leki when you need one!  

He'll be missed all right.

I met Ian 4 years ago in Helensburgh. The bastard hardly even drank then and he wouldn't let me buy him a pint so I drank 'em all myself. Christine is just as lovely as Ian was.

I'm going to miss my mate.

I shall miss his demented ramblings and being told that his name wasn't Heidi

a sad loss

Subsequent tae my alter-ego's planned demise aff the interweb, Heidy and I had kept in touch every now and again via the Book-of-the-Face.

Just want to say thanks for all the belly laughs Heidy, you were a right case indeed.

Alba... ta for the "Heids up".

Ah'm gutted.

I'll miss you forever, Heidy.  Thanks for all the stuff you taught me about computers via email. I always hoped to meet you in person one day....
My condolences to your family.
Fey Hag

We never met, but with the pictures & the web cam I felt I knew him & his fine family.
His kindness & patience in the light of his ongoing health traumas was monumental.
You will be long missed Ian.
My condolences to all his family.
I feel the richer for the knowing.
Thanks for the news Janette

Oh, this so hard. Jay and I will miss him so very much. For someone we never met, he was a wonderful friend and a huge support to us both but specially to Jay.

They spent hours IMing while I was out of it and Ian was such a comfort to my Wee Spanish Onion whenever he was out of his head with worry for me, or just needing a bit of light relief.

Bye Heids

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