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senior moments:

Friday past,
I accompanied four ladies to Blenheim (ontario). We were going swimming and Ridgetown disnae have an indor pool. One car was used and when we returned, at the end of a pleasant afternoon, the lady who took us tae Blenheim asked if I needed a drive hame; an invitation declined because the hoose is less than a ten minute walk.
She asked where I lived and when I told her she said, "you might as well get in because i will be going right past your door". I sat in the back and a passenger, in the front was delivered hame furst.
Arriving ootside whaur am livin, I started tae laugh and the woman smiles and says, "is this the right house". I assured her that it was. The thing is there was nae vehicle in the driveway and this meant i had driven to our meeting place.
thank guidness it was a beautiful day.

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