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Royal Wedding Jokes......

Whaur ur they a'?

Here's wan tae start wi', but thur must be better wans oot there.

Prince William and Kate Middleton say they don't want the traditional fruit cake at their wedding.
Prince Philip says he doesn't give a fuck, he's going anyway.
Fey Hag

Prince William’s stag dae is gonnae be huir uv a weird…
Stuffin' picters ay his gran doon th' bras ay strippers.

So Kate Middleton is following in Diana's footsteps, inheriting her sapphire engagement ring.

I wonder what she'll do for her hen night? One of those foreign city weekend packages, perhaps?

She could go and get smashed in Paris.


"William picks brother Harry as best man"

Awww. Their dads must be so proud.


Prince Harry and his Father are said to be overjoyed at the wedding of William and Kate.........So is Prince Charles

So Buckingham Palace have announced William and Katie are to marry on 29th April 2011.

The same day as Adolf Hitler's wedding anniversary. Nice to see The Queen honouring her home country's most famous leader.

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