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Rob MacKillop

Weel, I think this qualifies as "nice stuff".

A bit sad though: he wiz oan ra telly a whilies back sayin' how the lute wiz really wance Scotland's furst instrument o' choice - afore pipes an' fiddles annat. But he wis sellin'-aff a' his ane lutes and callin' it a day. Naebdie liked it nae mair.

Thur stuff o' his on Youtube as weel.

That is simply beautiful....

Many thanks for introducing me to its peace.  It evokes peace.

Like I said in the original post, there's stuff o' his on Youtube.
Also, if ye scroll doon a bit on thon link, ye'll find some mair o' his stuff.

If ye like "peaceful" stuff, ye might like this as weel...... Maybe's even mair sae when I mention that it wis wrote by wan o' oor members - though she disnae come by here much these days. (I'll no' tell ye her forum name fur fear o' causing her embarrassment and public humiliation by making it public that she wiz ever associatit wi' the likes o' us lot.)

Hae a listen tae Grateful Mary. (It isnae her on fiddle; she's on guitar.)

Just beautiful.    It's the artists of the world that keep us all sane.    Thank you.   The music is beautiful.

Fuck off dosser: Heather sounds like wan o ma favourite singers.... Suzanne Vega...... Suzanne Vega or Heather McCabe singin wi the Battlefield Band? I'd love to see that.

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