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Found this by a happy accident - made even mair happier when I found oot that some fowlk we ken have postit ther songs annat on it.

A certain weel-kent vet, fur example, hus some smashin' pieces on hur bit.

here it's.!/

Ta, dosser.    Smile    Succeeded in signing up to it.  Looks good, but I'll play with it later or another time 'cos my wee old inefficient lazy computer often doesn't like playing music - too much effort for it.  

(Oh dear, I hope there's no a trick cyclist in the house, 'cos I've just realised that all those negative qualities I ascribe to the computer apply to me as well.  Hmm.  Oh well.)    Smile

There's aw sorts ah keech on that reverbnation, ye know.

Ah huv tae agree.

But ye usually hae tae really search and search and search fur stuff quite that bad.

(wha wiz that, btw?)

Aye. Ah know. No need  tae thank me.

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