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Remember your place, Jock!

Apparently Channel 4 News Tweeted earlier that England is now in third place in the Limpic medals table.

Noo... the official Limpic website pits the UK's medal count at 22, while the totally unofficial wikipedia pits Scotland's medal count at 7. That means a third o Channel 4's "English" medals were won by Scots!

Which is rather more than proportionate as regards relative population, isn't it?    Laughing

Ach, you're right - we should know our place by now.   We've been tellt often enough.

The other day, the BBC website had a wee article about national anthems, remarking that some had needed to be changed not to cause offence, and that some still cause offence to some people.   Oddly, the "god save the queen" thing was NOT mentioned in this context.   Clearly the BBC doesn't imagine it could possibly offend anyone.     Rolling Eyes

Shit, how long does this go on?   Whenever I think they're beginning to get a clue, I am swiftly disappointed. Mad
Fey Hag

I yea did a wee ancestry search yea kuid claim most uv ra Kiwi medals & an odd Oz yin anawl.  Laughing

Fey Hag wrote:
I yea did a wee ancestry search yea kuid claim most uv ra Kiwi medals & an odd Oz yin anawl.  Laughing

Very odd ozzie one this time  Crying or Very sad

I'm sure that during the opening ceremony, one BBC commentator said something along the lines of, "And shortly, the UK athletes will enter the stadium lead by Chris Hoy carrying the English flag."

We know about the Scottish medals but, as a matter of interest, how many of these 22 English medals were won by Welsh, Northern Irish or athletes from other bits of "England"?

Somebody scribbling on the internet (I think he may hae been fae Yorkshire) reckons that if Yorkshire was a country, it'd be eleventh on the medal tables.

Whar aboot wuild Scotland be, d'ye reckon?

OK, this isna verra accurate because sevral o the medals were won in team events but I reckon Scotland's count is 5 x gold, 3 x silver, 1 x bronze. That pits Scotland in 8th place, atween Italy (7th) an Kazakhstan (current 8th).

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