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Weel, Ah've pitched up in Singapore for a puckle days! Ah'm here for some meetings far we're gaun tae drill a well on paper afore bein let loose on the real thing. It's an Aussie cumpny drillin fower wells aff the east coast o Tanzania wi a Norwegian rig built in Korea. They obviously decided Singapore wiz a guid central location, so here Ah am.

The only thing Ah've decided Ah must dae files Ah'm here is tae toddle alang tae the Long Bar in the Raffles Hotel an order a Singapore Sling (shaken, nae stirred)!

Ah've acshully got a cousin faa bides in Singapore but as seen's she heard Ah wiz gaen tae visit she buggered aff tae Aiberdeen! That's nae quite true, she's been in Aiberdeen for a couple o months an she's nae due back until some time in Aagust. Ah'm leavin on the First o Aagust so Ah'll nae see her faan Ah'm here.

Re: Raffles

Neil wrote:

The only thing Ah've decided Ah must dae files Ah'm here is tae toddle alang tae the Long Bar in the Raffles Hotel an order a Singapore Sling (shaken, nae stirred)!

Been there, dunnit, nearly threw up a' ower ra taxi driver's T-shirt. I promise ye, it's the maist disgustinest drink ever inventit. Fer sterters, it's fu' o' gin and it's pink.

Ah reckon Somerset Maughm an' a' them lot mustae been paragons o' sobriety: naebdy wuild want tae get pished oan thon stuff.

Interestin building wi' a bit o' history though. (Did ye ken that ra last tiger in Singapore goat malkied unner ra billiard table at Raffles?)

On the whole, a no' bad wee boozer, if only they'd get in a stock o' IPA.
Fey Hag

Aye it's a must; but as ah'm allergic tae Gin ah had a wee dram no ra same ah ken.
Walked oot ra door an ah wus shoor sumbiddy emptied ra floor mop bucket ower ma heid.

By ra tyme ah had ra brolly open, ra sun wus oot, an ah wus standin we a silk dress stuck to ma hide  Embarassed  Embarassed No a guid look oot side Raffles. Rolling Eyes
Och wheel that wus aboot 28 year ago; wuid be a much worse luik ra dee.

Enjoy yir stay Neil, ah doot there's much of ra auld Singapore left noo very little left when we were there.
Sad yea will miss your family member.

Ah've done it noo. Ah decided tae hae a wee wakk yesterday eevnin (it's Setterday mornin, near fower o'clock, the noo) so Ah figured oot the best wye tae Raffles on the Google map an awaa Ah went. Got there nae bother an intae the Long Bar Ah went. It wiz hoachin doonstairs but this waitress telt me there wiz an upstairs bar as weel, so Ah toddled up the spiral staircase. There wiz hardly a soul up the stair. Ah stood up at the bar an ordered a Singapore Sling, an Ah asked if they'd shake it for me because Ah've read that they usually jist hae a ready-mix concoction that they dish oot. The barman got oot his cocktail shaker an poured in the gin an ither bits an bobs, gaed it a shoogle, an oot came ma Singapore Sling. It wisna exactly boggin, but Ah'm in nae hurry tae try anither een. The price, on the ither haun, jist aboot made ma een watter! Ah kent it wuid be a bit o a rip-aff but ffs Fifteen Scots Pun for a frothy pink drink wi a slice o pineaipple stuck on the gless!!!

Aifter ma wee drinkypoo Ah started back tae ma hotel. Ah tuik a slightly diffrent route back, an Ah fun masel in a district doon by the river that wiz jist ae wee restrong aifter anither, cheek by jowel they were. Maist o the restrongs were jist open air places wi a puckle tables wi big umberellas ower them, but they aa hud a mannie or a wifie staunin ootside tryin tae persuade fowk tae try their grub. They were offrin free beers or appetisers an stuff tae get the punters in. Ah wizna in the mood for onythin the nicht, but Ah micht hae a wee daunder roon there the morn. There wiz aa sorts: Chinese, Indian, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, you name it, they were there. Maist places seemed tae be seafood joints, but there wiz aathin.

Faan Ah got back tae ma hotel Ah stopped at a wee bar in the precinct jist ootside the hotel. It's cried the Quaich an it hiz hunners o whiskies. Ah hud a wee drap o the cratur fae Islay an wiz in for anither shock faan it came time tae haun ower ma siller. Gey near Ten Pun, Scots, it wiz for a nip. This Singapore's an expensive place for the firewatter, Ah kin tell ye!

Ah'd achieved ma objective o bidin up lang enough so's Ah thocht Ah'd get a guid nicht's sleep, so Ah went tae ma bed at aboot elivin o'clock. Slept like a log for aboot fower oors an noo Ah'm wide awake again. Ah've decided tae hae a wee surf on the internet and then try ma bed again, so that's me awaa for a wee lie doon noo.

tata for noo...

Wanny ma errliest memries is o sittin in ma pushcherr beside The Mammy inra Long Baur* while she sooked doon hur Singapore Sling, a wis mee twa, twa anna hauf. Odd thing is ah like they drinks masel noo.

* We wis stayin inra hotel while The Daddy wis up country daein sum yompin ur sum sic thing.

Raffles - put me doon furra cuppla tickets - whit ur ra prizes by ra way?

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