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Ra Yoorow

D'ye hink thon Geeks, ur dae ah mean Greeks'll, get thur act thegither in time tae save ra yoorow? Things is grim enuff oot here in sunny Spain wioot haein it aw faw apart cossae they twats. Wur lucky WeeSo hus w**k wit isny likely tae disappear ur we'd reelly be up ra creek, at's gey rerr ower here ranoo.

Ahm certin the greeks'll git thrown oot soon. They will go back tae the Drakma and devalue an' that wull get thur tourist industry back oan track agin.
'Cause the banks huv lent muny tae the greeks partikularly the Credit Agricole they will be hurt right sairly ah think.
It mite end up wi a french euro, german euro, spanish euro whichll jist meen a exchange rate mekanism agin.

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