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Closed out of respect, I suppose. Am sure am no the only one who met the man but am thinkin that thais who met him wid agree thit a closed topic isnae what he wid have wanted.
I spent aboot two tae three hours with him and one of the things i asked him was in regards tae a difficult time he had undergone oan another place (Clash telt me aboot it in an e-mail)...I asked if he ever got angry at things people wrote, and he laughed, said, "things oan the internet, no, why would I, it's the internet" (near enough).
The two of them, husband and wife, doted on each other.
And he made me laugh aboot "knowing someone", said they had never met. I told him I would have bet that they had known each other for a long time and he told me that a lot of folk thought so, then he shrugged and said, never met, never talked tae her and never got any taiblit.
He picked me up, cannae mind if it was a bus trip or a train trip, but he picked me up and looking back am sure his wife didnae want him tae leave the hoose...he didnae drive me back tae wherever and am sure it wasnae much of a walk.
Fey Hag


Lachlan/Tam.    Out of respect, yes, but also because there is no more Heidie to reply.  You see?   People could read his very funny posts, but cannot reply to him directly.   New people might try to reply and wonder why no answer.

It is the only memorial we can do to Heidie to keep his posts and his threads.

Ra Leki's Hut........

I do hear ye Celyn. But so much to like. Seemingly imperturbable in regards things said on the internet. Calm. level headed and blessed with a wonderful sense of humour.

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