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Protest voting

Although Ah've dunnit fae time tae time, Ah dinnae really like daen it 'cause it (obviously) entails votin' fer sumthin' ye really dinnae want.

At the time o' the last French Presidential Elections, Ah wiz talkin' tae the French bloke whit runs a restaurant directly under mah office. He didnae fancy any o' the candidates, but he said he was still gonnae go a' the wye intae Embra and vote at the French Consulate.

Ah asked him if he meant he wiz gonnae spoil his ballot paper, but he said no, he was gonnae vote blank. It seems that France (and possibly other countries) actually cater for the protest vote.

These "blank" votes are considered valid and get counted along with the rest. It jist strikes me as a mair sensible wye o' "protest voting" in that ye dinnae have tae spoil yer paper and, best o' a', ye dinnae huv tae vote fur somewan or sumthing ye dinnae really believe in.

Guid idea or no'? Whit d'ye think?
Boudleaux C Merkin

Aye, there should be a "None of the above, " option on the ballot paper.

Guid idea. Mind ah've hud fun wance ur twice ritin a wee bitty polemic oan a votin slip, jist tae mak ma views clear... but ony fan ah wis livin sooth ora border doon Streatham way. Thur's sum kinna visceral pleesure tae be hud in spilin a ballot paper. A wee bit rebellious like.

Some places even prefer deid people to ra alternative
Fey Hag

Ah wrote 'a plague on all you're parties' on one ballot paper years ago.
I was soo fed up.

Now that we no longer have that first past the post alternating dictatorship; I enjoy strategic voting.

MMP suits me fine. Politicians hate it.  Another guid reason tae like it.

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