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pretty amazing stuff

speshill effects annat

Rerr whit ye kin dae wi a bit o blue an green paint ehno?
An Ah bet Alba kin tell ye tae a penny whit it aw costs!

Heidy wrote:
An Ah bet Alba kin tell ye tae a penny whit it aw costs!

Ye kin bet yer bottum dollur it'll cost megabucks less than gaun oot tae eggzotik locayshins wi hunners ay crew. Shame fur yer ashpiring Jamesh Bondsh tho.

New 007 akturr tae his maw: Maw Maw, wur shootin a braw scene fur ra new fillum oan lokayshin next week.
Maw: Aw that's ferr rerr son, is it gonny take ye long tae get there, is it gonny be hoat wi nice scenery annat?
New 007: Er naw... wur dae'in it oot beside the buckits at the back door uv the staff canteen.

The only glamurr in the movie bizniss soon is gonny be oan the red carpit at the Oscars. And the bean coontirs will be rakin in ra profits as weel.
Fey Hag

Ah bleam Peter Jackson, an wur munny grubbin Guvment.

Taught ra rest uv ra wurld hoo tae squeeze a dollar till ra Kiwi shytes 'n ra Queen cries.

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