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Fey Hag

Politics explained succinctly

A laddie goes tae his dad an' asks, 'What is politics?'

Dad says, 'Weel son, lit me try tae explain it thes way: i am th' heed ay th' fowk, sae caa me th' Prime Minister..
Yoor mammy is th' administratur ay th' bunsens, sae we caa 'er th' Government.
We ur haur tae tak' caur ay yer needs, sae we will caa ye th' Fowk.
The Nanny, we will consider 'er th' workin' class.
Ain yer bairn brither, we will caa heem th' future.

Naw hink abit 'at an' see if it makes sense.'

So th' laddie goes aff tae scratcher thinkin' abit whit dad has said.

Later 'at nicht, he hears his bairn brither greetin', sae he gits up tae check oan heem.
He finds 'at th' bairn has severely soiled his nappy.

So th' laddie goes tae his parent's room an' finds his mammy asleep.

Not wantin' tae wake 'er, he goes tae th' Nanny's room.

Findin' th' duir locked, he peeks in th' keyhole an' sees his faither in scratcher wi' th' nanny..

He gi'es up an' goes back tae scratcher.

The next morn, th' laddie say's tae his faither, 'Dad, Ah hink Ah kin th' concept ay politics noo. '

The faither says, 'guid, son, teel me in yer ain words whit ye hink politics is aw abit.'

The laddie replies,
'The prime minister is screwin' th' workin' class while th' government is soond asleep.

The fowk ur bein' ignored, an' th' future is in deep jobby.'

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