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Politically Correct joke thried.

I keep thinking this joke must be auld, but I'd never heard it afore.....

A bloke goes in to see a threatrical agent:

"Hi! My name's Penis Van Lesbian. I sing, I dance, I can act, tell jokes.... I'm a real all rounder........... "

The agent says, "Well, you're obviously very talented, but with a name like that, I'll never be able to find you any W***. Why don't you change your name.......... Go away for a couple of days, and have a think about it."

The bloke doesn't come back, but about five years later, the agent gets a letter:

Dear Mr. Goldstein,

Please accept the enclosed cheque for $50,000 as a small token of my gratitude.

Since taking your advice about changing my name from Penis Van Lesbian, I've never looked back. My career is a success, and I owe it all to you.

Yours sincerely

Dick Van Dyke

ye thats really old

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