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Pigeons To Piss Off

Here is a bright plan:


A city in northeastern Ukraine is considering a plan to take on the local pigeons by getting them drunk on wine and deporting them, a local news website reported.

The radical measure was proposed to prevent a monument to poet Taras Shevchenko in Sumy from being covered in bird droppings ahead of City Day, said on Monday.

“Let’s give them wine-soaked bread and then deport them somewhere where they’ll wake up the next day,” Alexei Movchan, who heads the city branch of the ruling Party of Regions, was cited as saying about the pigeons.

He dismissed allegations of animal cruelty by saying that deportation of inebriated birds is practiced in the Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra, an Orthodox Christian monastery in the country’s west, the report said.

It remained immediately unclear whether the city adopted the plan. Sumy celebrates City Day on September 2.

I recall a lot of moaning in Glasgow way back about starlings in George Square, and similar in London when they got really upset about pigeons.

But if you get all the doos  drunk with wine-soaked bread, won't there be a whole load of boozed-up bunnies and squirrels and foxes etc?   I mean, people *might* keep their domestic pets indoors to keep them sober, but I can imagine some funny sights in their town square.

Oh and rats - there's bound to be rats and mice and things enjoying the booze-bread as well.
Neil if they're homin pigeons they'll jist come back onywye!

Ye cuid aye pit the breid up somewye high faar non-fleein pests canna get it.

Aye: but the 'high' heidyins of all persuasions wid get pished and pish off a'body anyway.

Neil wrote: if they're homin pigeons they'll jist come back onywye!

Good point, that man.

Neil wrote:
...Ye cuid aye pit the breid up somewye high faar non-fleein pests canna get it.

Right, like outside my window.   Hell no, imagine a bunch of drunk doos all singing and sometimes bursting into fights.     Ah wait, it's all right, 'cos the seagulls would see them off.

Hey, that's one I hadn't thought of.  Herring gulls are big and fierce - you don't want a whole of them out of their skulls hanging around.

pipedoon wrote:
Aw a get mornin, noon and night,  are noisy pigeons, thur hootin noise drives be mental.  Ah jist wan't tae shoot the wee gits, don't think thur's a law agin shootin thum, is thur?

I *suppose* they count as vermin.   Not sure I want people running about with guns though.    Get a pet hawk.   Smile

Ah, pipedoon, this looks as if it could deals with a pigeon.       Smile     One of a pair of peregrines that decided that a big empty multi-storey block in Glasgow ready for demolition would be a good place to raise chicks.

pipedoon wrote:
Nice video shots.   I read on the news about them. Only two weeks ago , we spotted what looked liked a peregrine  in the garden, it sat on the garden fence for a brief few minutes.  I would love to keep a falcon or hawk of some sort, I especially like  Kestrels.

Yoo kin get Hudson Hawke on dvd, will that dae?

pipedoon wrote:
Naw,  ah'll gie that wan a miss, it's  pap!


Whit aboot the eagle huv landit?

Far Eagles Dare?

Three Days o the Condor?
Fey Hag

Rolling Eyes So it wus nae ra doo whit got pisht.
Can yea lot no keep yir nebs oot uv a boatle?

At one of the Chinese airports the have kites in the shape of hawks  to scare away other birds.

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