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On a lighter note: A legend

The Resting Place

After long ages and many challenges, there came at last a day of peace to the thirteen kingdoms, leaving little for the heroes to do. Many took ship into the West to the lands of music, of dancing and of feasting, among them the great Chu Chullain. They went to their chosen rest, but Fionn McColla and his band stayed behind deciding instead to search the kingdoms for a place where they might sleep in peace until a day of need.

All over Erin they searched, and many fine places were found, but not one would Fionn McColla settle on, deeming them not fine enough for his purpose. He determined to search Alba as well and set about building a boat with his companions. They built it of the strongest oak and made it deep and wide. Its prow they adorned with the head of a wolf and each hero set his shield at the oar where he would sit.

When the boat was ready, all took their places and they set off across the sea, landing first in the Orkneys and then the Western Isles. No place did Fionn McColla accept, saying he would know the spot when he saw it. The heroes made their way to Skye, and then to Coll, Tiree and Mull. Still no place was good enough, not even the holy island of Iona would do. From all of them Fionn McColla turned his face and would not be suited.

At last, they came to the mainland, and carrying their boat, searched the glens and hills of the lowlands. Through Dunedin, Glencoe and Glenshee, but no place would Fionn McColla accept. He turned his face from the south and made his way across the high Drumochter Pass. He turned his face from Strathspey and Ruthven. On they tramped, carrying the boat with them up the Slochd and down into the Great Glen.

At last, as he looked out over the beauty of Inbhir Nis, Fionn McColla said “this is the place where we shall take our rest, until a day of need”. Fionn McColla and his heroes, set their boat upon the plain, upended to provide shelter while they slept. They carved a door in the side, laid their furs on piles of heather, and lay down. Fionn McColla entered last, sealing the door behind him, he lay down with his sword by his hand and his great hound Luath at his side. Close by he placed his great hunting horn and at last, all was quiet within as the heroes slept.

Many years have passed since then and the boat has been covered with grasses, trees and plants that shade and protect it.  The place is called Tomnahurich now and mortal men lay their loved ones there to rest in safety and in peace. It is said though that the door is there and if a day of great need should ever come, then one might find that door and enter. One might, if brave enough, blow the great hunting horn to call Fionn McColla and his heroes from their sleep to aid the thirteen kingdoms once more.

Similarities wi the legend o Arthur and his Knights here ehno?

Aye, but isssiss a guid bit earlier ah think. Dinna furget ra legends o king arfur we ken ur Victorian romances, so it cuid be ra ither way roon.

How come naewan huz ever made a movie aboot these characters and thur  ilk (ur mibbe they huv and am jist ignorent ov it)
Shirley its as filmable as thon Lord ov yer Rings pish

Guid question. Ah wunder how no masel. They'd make fantastic movies eh no?

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