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OK, so the man's a unpleasant plonker, but...

Binnin him willna sort the problem will it?

He's ony wan part o the disease that infect ra Parly an dae they really think giein him ra heave ho will allow thum tae carry oan regardliss? Dae they think wur that stoopit?

Wit kinna nichtmare dae ye think thull put in his place?

I don't think any of them doon there think of anything but themselves, never mind whether those that elected them are stupit or not.

Everybody knows their snouts were always in the trough, but I am still boggling at the sheer extent of how up to their oxters they are.

Claimin for mortgages already paid?? Get tae fuck!! How could any of them think that was OK??

If I'd been workin in the office that processed their claims, I would have shopped the lot of them way before now. Hell no, ye're no gettin this paid for ootae ma taxes!! ya bams that yese are


...and the Speaker is a toerag, good riddance to him

ayrshiretattie wrote:

...and the Speaker is a toerag, good riddance to him

Too true.

Claimed fower grand for taxis for shoppin trips for his wife.

Claimin a second home allowance oan parliamentary expenses despite livin in a hyooge grace and favour flat in Westmonster as well as livin a grace and favour lifestyle at oor expense.

Spendin large amounts of taxpayers munt oan QC's and goin tae the High Court tae try and block MP's expenses bein part of the Freedom of Information laws.

Absolutely nae sympathy. Fuckim. Guid riddance.

Sad thing is he'll nae doot end up with an enormous index linked pension at the expense of hard workin fowk jist like thon Fred Goodwin.
Fey Hag

Makes a braw sacrificial goat tho yea ken.

Richt wurkin cless toerag in ra ean ov that mob; nae loss, an a braw smoke screen.

Nuthin iver chenges Confused

Naw Ah doant think this will divert ra enraged public frae sortin ther MP's oot if they hiv ther finguurs in ra till!
A Nonny Moose

Thon buffoon his representit the fowk ae his constituency fur 20 years ur merr.  During which time it his bin among the 10 maist deprivit areas ae the UK, nivver mind Scotland.  So whit the fuck his he ackshully done fir the sheep wha votit fir him?

The wurds "fuck a' " and "took the piss" spring immeejitly tae mind...

Nonny = sense.

They spent 5 mins in Springburn on the Scottish 10 o'clock news last night, and the report was totally unrepresentative of the situation. They spoke to 2 folk on the ground, who got one sentence each. Complete waste of time.

...Why did they keep voting for him?

(or on the other hand, how many voted?)

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