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De mortuis nihil nisi bonum
A petition tae staundartise the Scots leid
Hello... ?
Scotland gave the world penicillin,TV, the bicycle..........
monica lewwhitwizherfuckiname
Not gonny happen
hello again Fey
Senga 25/9/57 - 10/2/14
Lady Alba Votes No
F u c k
Ra Lekki's Hut
No Eurovision for Scotland
My evil computer
Hadrian's Wall
Flucken shyte
Weel, that's no' a bad start tae the year!
A heart stopping moment
Wha the fuck is Nan bloody Wang?
Hullo, etc
A question
Perseid Meteors
Scabbie toons.
Bern!!!! How jolly nice to see you
Free Rice
Mime and Mayonnaise (or Useless Trivia I Like)
New Zealand Earthquake
Auld n' Daft
Thatcher's Funeral - pic of big crowds watching
Indulge yirsel
That'll be tonight's TV schedules fucked then.
This cannae be right.
two oan here at the same time.....
Wha the fuck is Andrew Hickling......
It cannae be mair than three or four months since...........
Braw Laddie
Saint Andrew.......
Boo at Rugby!
Ra Leki's Hut........
this topic:
Celebrate the START of a war?
Cure fer whit ails ye
Well he's dun it.
The origins of the "sock".
disappointing letter
Politically Correct joke thried.
manky or wit
G4S Again
The Val Barker Trophy
See they wimmin boxers....
Disadvantaged by going to Eton
Jist lyke ra bluidy Brits
See he wus savin humself
F@@king Tim Henman
Remember your place, Jock!
Until now, I thocht it wiz a myth.
Fireworks go in air, not in arse
Seven Guests?
How to turn your computer screen upside-down
Pigeons To Piss Off
Smoke on the Water (but no toast)
Yer wrong
welcome tae pipedoon and mcintyre
Did yea see did yea see!
A Shaemless Plug for a Unique Folk Music Event
Oh joy
Diamond Jubilee report fae North Korea...
Dundee wimmin
Wizzat it?
Welcome Woodsmoke
Goat yir too'el haundy?
Megrahi's deid.
For Weejan re.Andrew Hardie of 1820
Wee Olympic Game
Erzi roomurr gaun roon...
Dog Tries To Play With Statue
Wu've wun a weegie!
Mishunary W*** In Embra
The State of Education on the East Coast
Woman Bites Dog!
The Dundonians is tackin' ower.....
Accordin' tae Donald Trump......
Wu've hud wurse candidates
A Policeman's Lot Is Not A Happy One
T'day wiz wur thurd burfday....
Rape can be a positive experience for the victim
Predictive text gemm
Fey's affie quiet.
Beware of Flying Pakora
Message tae Celyn and Fey
Happy New Year!!!
Amused by "Herald" Diary
No Presents This Year? This is Why.
How Computers W***
Jings, wit a saga!
Fey's Floods
Being a Pathetique
Wud yea ken
ca' me strange......
Just to say
Wher the F***K is Webb Ellis
Liam Fox and Adam Werrity
Liam Fox and Adam Werrity
My mate Heidi
So long, Heidy.......
Rugby World Cup
At last! Ra furst day o' summer!
Dinna menshun
To all drivers
skilled job
MI1, MI2, MI3, MI4, MI7, MI8
Ah ken it's no' funny....
Ken ah'm daft --but
I'm back...
Note from Jay
A very senior moment.
Getting even we pissy cats
Royal Wedding Jokes......
Ooo whit a great idee
Kuid yea use a wee giggle?
Politics explained succinctly
Now look here, folks.......
I see nothing whatever unreasonable in this.
Awful feeling
Saga continues
Yea ken yir in Christchurch--when
Canna resist sharin
Ah'l; hide it here yea'l no find it
Mair bad news for Kiwis
Skoats Skoats 'n moar Skoats
Happy Chinese New Year
If yea care
Komplemints uv ra Season
Throo sleat 'n snaw
A consequence of aggressive cross-examination perhaps
Googlin kat recipes soaham
Must o' been sum'hin' Fey said..........
Tawk ta me aboot Stuart MacBride
Ho many weeys kin yea sey?
Beyond comprehension!
Jist tae see where it goes......
Survival o the Pfft-est?
Missin in axshun.
Nae jokes nor hu'hin'.......
Advert annat............
40 years ay marriage
Child rearing
Authentic Mexican Desserts
Me & mine all well
Ghost Hunting - How Not To Do It.
Kin you say shells?
The pipes faa silent
The Plan.....
Ah well...........
Fuggin telly........
Great name!
Where do you get your news fix?
Tasty yum-yum........
Viva Espana
Joke o ra year 2009.........
Auld Glesga...anon...
Ah think we just broke a record here, btw.
I'm Going To Be A Parking Meter When I Grow Up.
Lesiure Tips......
Wee bit o maintainise annat....
Oh Here We Go. Britain Will Stop For A Football Match
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