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Oh, but does this make me feel old? (Blair Peach )
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Tradgedie,a fuggin tradgedie Ah tell yese...............
They must be kiddin?
iss is rerr brw!
'Lobey Dosser Day'
Ra prodigil squirril hus returned!
Apple dis it again!
Door surveys
The Elgin Marbles
Wuv goat a bot
Cats. How dae ye file yours?
Bothy Greetin
Wan fur Fey
Shameless Plug
Soup spoons.
What's the Worst Eating Experience You've Ever Had?
Congrats tae Saxy!
am tired and hot:
Banksy goes establishment?
Afore ye go daen yer maw a favour...
Haw Clash...
O death where is thy sting?
Flyin visit
Air France 447
We is saved!
Whar's ra suggestion box gone?
Most uv yis dinna care BUT---
Spot ra wummin burd!
Any sperr buses?
Britains Goat Talent
New Phone!
Fur fuxake!
Well, if naebdie else wants it.....
Him or hur upsterrs
Birdy Song No More
Ye cannae beat it really, can ye......
Somewhere in Oz..............
Wit kinna boozer ur ye?
That word tastes good
Everyone is an infidel.
Whaur's Clash?
BNP leeches
hello krusty
Cheez those ANZAC's
Ra fascists is comin
Chairlie is ma *glub glub*
Ma hairt wis in ma moo...
Welcome tae the Luvely Dee
I'm back.
newest member:
Tit Watch.........
To ra Guest
Ayrshire Tatties!!
Joke o ra Year.............
Huz Fey deen a runner?
Choclit an sex
Awright Yooz innat
Ah've no gone away
New Search Injin
How crunchy is yer biscuit?
The Scran threed.....
Ah'm back....
Hullo err
A suggestion....
Tae cauld furra floo?
Huv ye heard it?
Saxy hus a new joab at ra zoo!
Elf and safety
Monorchid fascists
Why Boo is ooty a job
New housing developments are crap
A woman's week at the gym
Wurd Gemm
Haw err Hoolie
A full hoose!
Missin Oot
Man Flu, it's offishul
Cocaine in the news
Har, har, har...
Wee Paintit Bloo Men
Note tae Managment
Kin ah be first...
A Roomur
Ra Shipwreck
Wots inna nemm?
Oan the Razz
A wee thing fur travellin netheids
Bacon Butties are Safe!
The Flittin II
Where they a comin' fae???
Ah got aw excited
Happy Burthdy ta Clash...
Ghurkas Again
Ra Leckie Hut
This is brilliant...
See this swinefloo
Hunners 'n hunners ay swerrywurds
The price o' beer these days.
Favourite Bothies
Complaint tae the Manigmint
Gift for Clash
Ah think ye're tryin ower hard
Advice fur aw youse oot err....
Pointless Picture Thread
Munched by Mice or Clash, Try Not To Get Old and Infirm
I found this in our yard yesterday.
Links tae intrustin/usefu Scots wabsites
The Flittin
new membuurs annat.
Wee Dog, Big Wind
Nyjer Seed
Loast sowels.
Flites o fancy eh?
Witches Brew indeed!
Welcome taera Howff
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