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Note from Jay

Sorry it's been so long, but Ally is very ill indeed and not doing at all well at the moment. It's proving almost impossible to get her interested in anything. In addition, her regular email is out of action for the foreseeable. She has a hotmail one you can use, maybe that will get her attention. PM Senga if you want it and I'll check back in a day or so.

I hope you're all well.



Jay, I am really sorry to hear this.  I don't know Ally's hotmail address but I will try to send PM to her.  When she's so ill, I can hardly blame her for not finding email very interesting.

But this is bad, I do hope something can get her better soon.  Jay, you must be suffering terribly too.   And Davy.   But thank you very much for this post, as I have been wondering about her and thought you might be too busy to ask you.  All best wishes for Ally.  Is there anything we can do to help?  

Oh dear, I am so sorry.

Aye Jay, like Celyn and others, I've been a bit reluctant to bother you with requests for updates at an already difficult time.

And I hear from someone else that you've now got job troubles on top of everything else.

I'm desperately sorry to learn that Ally's in such a bad way, but thanks for getting in touch to tell us about it.

I'll try emailing Ally again and if anyone else has lost her email addresses, please just pm me.

I am sorry to hear about Ally, could someone please pass on my love to her.

Thank you for your kind thoughts. I'll print them for her to see The new email is up and running so, if you wish to get in touch, leave a pm and I'll send one back.


Haw ther Ahm jist oot a hostilepile masel eftur a heart stoppin (literaly) time and also got a duff desktap wher Ah normally huv aw ma stuff oan so Ahm noo updatin an usin her indoors lappy pm me yer details please Jay as Ah wid luv tae get Aly innerestit ...
Fey Hag

Glad I read the other post first.
Jay you have had such a long hard road & so very kind in the midst of it all to think of us.
If good thoughts are any help in the getting health back business Senga you have them all from this end of the earth.

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