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Neil'll ken......

.....'cept he seems tae hae retired fae ra pedantry profession o' late.

Anywise, aboot this propoarshinul reprysenyaishin hingy......

I understand how it wurks, sort o', wi' "excess" votes furra winner bein' gi'en tae the runner up, an so on doon, but whit happens in the followin' circumstances?

Jist suppose a lot o' folk vote only for the winner: they dinnae vote fer naebdie else, cause they hate, loath an' despise ra feckin' lot o' them. Dis their votes still make up part o' the "excess" and get handit doon tae the runner up (wha, as mentioned, they hate loath an' despise), or diz their votes jist get binned - as Ah think they should be?


"Excess" votes are redistributit in proportion tae the winner's secint preferences. So if 90% o the voters didna indicate a secint preference then 90% o the votes are nae redistributit. If 5% o the winner's votes showed a secint preference for candidate X an 5% voted for candidate Y as secint choice, here's fit happens...

The mannie (or wifie) in charge o the coont decides on the quota needed tae win. The quota is calculated as the total number o valid first preference votes divided by (the total number o seats for the ward +1). Let's say there's a fower member ward an twinty thoosand fowk vote. The quota is set at 20000/5 or 4000 votes. If the candidate above got 10000 first preference votes the excess is 6000. 5% o that excess (300) is gaen tae candidate X an 300 votes is gaen tae candidate Y in the secint round o coontin. The ither 5400 excess votes are discarded.

Diz ony o thon mak sense?

Aye, thon macks sense.

Ta muchly.

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