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My mate Heidi

Still canny believe that Ian has gone.

It wis roughly once a fortnight that the bastard would send me an email telling me to "get ontae Skype"
"Answer yer weemails ya kunt"
"Ah'm on Facebook: where the fuck are you?".

Ian Menzies (Heidi) was one of a kind and without malice he wound up anyone who thought themselves Better than they Ought To be. Heidi hated pretentious professional Scots and delighted a lot of the Bothy and Westie members with his subtle funny rejoinders to the occasional online attacks he had from people who weren't fit to wash his feet.

With the usual Scottish brilliance weíre not too good at showing emotions and Iíll probably make a mess of it as usual but Iíd like you all to know how much Ian meant to me and a lot of other people; some of whom he had met and some who hadnít.

The last email I got from Ian was telling me that heís been wheeched off to the Royal with gastro bleeding. I should have realized when he didnít reply that it was a bit more serious.

Ian was always trying to get me on Skype and I think it was only last month he told me to get my finger out and get Skype working so we can see each otherís ugly mugs.  Iím now quite deaf and have a hatred of all things with phones but I promise you I spent a couple of hours with sweat pouring down my brow trying to get the bloody thing to W***: naturally with no luck. I still have the instructions sitting on my desk with two pairs of headphones beside it. I wish I could have got it to W*** if only so we could take the piss out of each other as we always did. I only subscribed to Skype so I could talk to Heidi so Iím obviously going to save money in future because my mate is no longer there.

My mate?

Iíve known Ian for more than 12 years. Yes Ian was my mate. Ian was one of the funniest people Iíve ever come across. He didnít have a nasty bone in his body but was brilliant at winding people up.  Heís one of the few people I was able to talk to about anything and everything. Ian was always the one to give advice even although it was usually to tell me to stop being a dickhead.

Ian had a ridiculous sense of humour and I will long remember some of the stories he told about his leki experiences in the yards.

Ian has to be one of the bravest people Iíve met. He never complained. He never told anyone when he was ill and always laughed it off with something the nursing staff had said. I remember him telling me that his wife Christine should have left him years ago because he was falling to bits. Luckily for Ian she didnít of course even although he didnít have any bits (kidneys) left to fall off.

Iím going to miss my mate Ian.

Much Love from Clash

Thanks Clash
That was really lovely
Fey Hag

You said it for us all  Clash thanks for sharing it.
As age isolates me with it's gift of infirmities, my memories of the years of that special Scottish banter that others don't get, has become more precious.

You all keep me company on the bad nights as I giggle at some outrageous
Heidy Clash etc moment.

Heidy gave us the gift, by example, of laughing at ourselves no matter what life throws.
Long may his legacy last.

Once again Thanks Clash

Well said, Clash.

Clash & Fey you have said it alll!!!

Thank you both

The auld curmudgeon hud a truly warped sense o humour that kept me in stitches, speshully fan he'd say sumthin ootrayjuss oan IM tae tease Jay an ah'd huvty translate, but ah'd be tae busy rollin oanra flerr. Jay micht be ra ony Basque ese days wit kin unnerstaun Weegian.

Stillanall, he wis atra semm time a great support tae ra WSO whenever ah wis thrawin a wobbler cos anurra wheel hud fell aff ma wagon. We'd a guid notion how ill he wis cos he an me usedtae swap symptoms, but he aye made licht o it an ah really thot he'd last furivver. Ah'm sae, sae glad ah got back in time tae swap a few last insults wi him. Wull miss ye Heids.

I've only just read the news about Ian...literally cannae believe it. His was the posts that I always used tae look out for as they were always worth reading. I didnae ken him as well as clash or some of the others who post on here...but just to know him was a blessing. Thank you, Ian, for sharing your time with me.

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