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Morag the Monster

We wis campin up in the heelans years ago and we were fishing at Loch Morar when a sheeperd/ghillie guy came over and wis huvin a blether wi the course of the conversation it was mentioned that a few of the trout we had caught looked like landlocked sea trout and  this guy told us that the loch had been dammed years ago and that the sea trout was not all that had been locked in!He sais that there was a kinda relative of nessie in the loch and that a good few locals had seen it but it hadnt the notoriety of aforesais nessie.........
Anywey we moved on up the glen and camped beside a wee river that was the overflow from Loch Mullardoch which was also dammed ..
That night as we wis nearlie fawin asleep ,this wis aboot 11 o clock and bein summer and that faur north it wis no quite dark, we heard this commotion ootside ra tent and splashin......... Ther wis quite a bit o talk aboot who wis goannie go ootside and see whit it wis but as ye kin guess ther wis a bit o reluctance on who it wis goannie be............
Ony wey as we wis a huntin an shootin party........
Rolling Eyes  Ah grabbed a 12 bore papped a couple shells inty it an keeked oot ra tent......... brave as fuck me......... Cool
Whit did Ah see no a thing oan the wee river but up oan ra skyline ther wis a humungus stag,full heid o antlers staunin sillouetit an lookin back at me ...then he trottit aff an away..
This beestie hud trottit right past oor tent and hud drank an pawed up ra grun no 6 feet frae wher we wis an gied us,considerin oor heids wis fu o tales o Morag,a right arse tightenin moamint............ Very Happy

Heard rumours but wasn't worried, we could paddle much faster than our friends

Thur is nae monster in Loch Morar. It's aw a ploy tae steal towrists faera real wan in Loch Ness.

Yer jist sayin that cos it wid huv made yer rubbuur nessie suit redundint! Laughing

Naw, Nessie's ma cussin, ah hud it straight faera monster's mooth.

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