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Fey Hag

Missin in axshun.

A wee sorry ta awl. Ahv no bin in much uv late.

Ah'm feir exhausted watchin ra hooses ov ma weans slowly rattle tae bits in slow motion.
A moonth on fra ra bigyin thir still aw bein shook oot uv thir sleep & sent screamin oot ra hoose.

Thiv had 1,494 shakes as ah write.
The quakes are all shallow so give max bang under yir floor. braw wee map

Luik at it iss wey means that ye wulny huv tae loup up an doon oan yer wee trampoline thingy an thus ye wull get yer five a day exercises withoot huvin tae get aff ra couch! Very Happy
Fey Hag

Taa Heidie! ah needed that Very Happy

From today's SMH on ChCh quake
Fey Hag

It never ends the poor sods just had another 5.0M

Aw Jesus poor people and they just take it without a song and dance... a tough relf-reliant people!!!

ozneil wrote:
Aw Jesus poor people and they just take it without a song and dance

Fit's that ye're sayin? Nae even a haka???


Hi Fey
Hope your family got through the latest shake in ChCh ok
Fingers crossed anyway
Fey Hag

Aye, bit thir gettin richt pissed orf.

Tawkin aboot strangelin ra auld bitch.

Gaia yea ken!

Och wheel, they ur mah dauchters efter awl. Confused

PS who wus ra daft ignoramus whit mad ra bluidy site translate (pissed in Skaotish) as a little under the weather??

Thirs nae joy under a bluidy Whether!!! Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes

Glad they are ok.

Wouldnt  being under a whether  be pretty low?

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